We provide no nonsense analysis on the Australian and New Zealand economies, central banks and markets (often through a cross-country lens).

Data and charts are at the core. We are typically concise and time-saving.

Who will benefit?

For close followers of the Australian and kiwi economies and markets, a key goal is to help you road test your views. We are confident that you will also benefit from the depth of our analysis.

If you don’t require full-time in-house macro research, or can only devote a short period of time to the Antipodes, we can be your go-to resource.

Who are we?

Justin Fabo runs Antipodean Macro.

He has 25 years experience as a central banker, Treasury official, consultant and sell-side market economist. Justin was ranked #1 by Australian institutional equities investors at the time of leaving the sell side. He is well-known for his detailed bottom-up analysis, charts and frank views.

What do you get?

Antipodean Macro Professional is our full-service offering.

The base rate is US$6,500 per annum per user (10% cheaper than subscribing monthly).

Upgrade to paid

You will receive:

  1. ONLY CHARTS - almost-daily email of charts and succinct descriptions of key macro developments in Australia and New Zealand (often with a cross-country flavour). Typically released by early afternoon Sydney time.

  2. DATA PREVIEWS - in-depth views on key upcoming economic data releases that have the potential to move markets. CPI releases are a specialty.

  3. CENTRAL BANK MUSINGS - frank views on all-things RBA and RBNZ.

  4. IN DEPTH - detailed analysis of macro topics of interest.

  5. HOUSING CHART PACK - published monthly and (almost) everything you need to know about housing and household finances in Australia and New Zealand. You won’t find better.

  6. MACRO OUTLOOK - a quarterly chart pack of our key views on the outlooks for the Australian and NZ economies.

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Justin Fabo
Head of Research
Antipodean Macro

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/AntipodeanMacro

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Antipodean Macro Professional is targeted to clients who want in-depth analysis and views on the Australian & New Zealand economies, central banks and markets.


Ex central banker, Treasury official, and sell-side market economist.